Feb 10, 2009

..:: Raspberry Farm ::..

Alhamdulillah, finally I can post pictures from my adventure as a fruit picker. Really miss all those moments. Honestly, aku rindu sangat dengan suasana di farm yang tenang dan ceria dengan telatah rakan2 yang lain. Our main job is picking berrys at their rapeness. Pada awalnya, kami diajar untuk differentiate each phase of berry's rapeness and found out that the good berrys are they with red to maroon colour, no brighter or darker fruits are allowed to be picked. Over ripe + under ripe. Rasanya juga kadang2 akan menjadi terlalu masam atau tawar.

Petik berry sebenarnye tidak la susah mna pun tapi challenging as the great berry mostly hide under the leaves so we need to bending or even squatting to find them. For me, picking berry is a good exercise since we're moving all our body, from hands to toes, arms to legs, head to neck, and even waist...don't believe me, just try to pick berry at the bottom of the bush from the other side of row....hehe..(^_-!)


rozana said...

yeen..pak long panggil...packing...hahahaaa~

Azren Aida said...

erkk..packing?? mau..mau..
$$$ hahaha..=P